Viticultural Salmagundi

Wine talk that knows no boundry.

Did Wine End Slavery?

Did wine end slavery? Well, possibly a stretch to suggest it, but upon closer inspection, maybe not! If you’re familiar with Stephen A. Douglas, you might recall that he was (arguably) the primary architect of, and perhaps more importantly, the… Read More ›

One For My Dad

When recalling my childhood, I remember one phrase of my Mom’s above all else: “Stop encouraging him!” As might be expected, this was my poor beleaguered Mom smilingly and exasperatingly chastising my Dad for yet again winding me up in… Read More ›

Consistency, Wine, & The Market

Consider “market pressure” in the wine industry, particularly as it relates to the fiscal realities of producing wine. A producer of wine lives in many, many time zones concurrently. At any given time, one lives within the following: –Land laying fallow, awaiting new planting. –New… Read More ›