The Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello Estate sits at approximately 2,300 feet up Black Mountain, to the west of Cupertino, California, where it is surrounded by the head-trained and hand-harvested vines that provide fruit for Ridge’s flagship Monte Bello offerings. With windows overlooking the visual splendor and rustic glory of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Torre Winery Barn affords an intimate, educational, and delicious way to enter the world of Ridge; a viticultural realm where single-site winemaking values are tirelessly championed, non-interventionist vineyard practices are determinedly upheld, and a devotion to nature and tradition rules the day. As with Ridge’s Lytton Springs Estate in Healdsburg, California, the Monte Bello Retail Sales & Hospitality staff are a singularly passionate coterie of oenophilic fanatics who deeply enjoy every opportunity to talk wine with visitors both novice and expert alike about all things Ridge, and all things wine. Far more often then not, these conversations across the bar quickly develop into informal and interactive colloquia on subjects running the gamut from questions of culinary companionability to traits of terroir; characteristics of carignane to the merits of multi-format bottling; debates on dry-farming to value judgments on verticals and vintages, and more.

This blog as an on-going opportunity to carry these conversations out into the larger world; if you are a lover of Ridge, a lover of wine, or just want to learn how to use an Ah-So Cork Puller, you are most cordially invited to visit, to read, and to respond. Whether you’re curious about how a certain vintage of Monte Bello is currently showing, want to chime in on the order of last weekend’s tasting flight, or suggest a dish to pair with a young zinfandel, 4488: A Ridge Blog welcomes you with open arms and a full glass!

p.s. Ridge became California Bonded Winery (BW) #4488 in 1962!

Ridge Vineyards/Monte Bello

17100 Monte Bello Road
Cupertino, CA 95014
Phone 408.867.3233

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  1. Wow. So much support from the Wine blogging community. Of course, it is well deserved since this blog is pretty awesome. Keep the posts coming.

  2. Hi Christopher! Join us in the Blogger of the Month contest. tinyurl.com/bloggerofthemonth Write a post and win a trip to Argentina!

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  4. Hey, how about twittering a note when you enter a new blog? Plus tasting times would be great.

  5. Awesome! Thanks so much for the blog visit! I’ve got to head up your way eventually, that would be terrific. I’m headed to North Fork in 3 weeks to check out all the new wineries I haven’t been to (since they have popped up like mad since I was there last). Any suggestions, I am all ears. I’m rusty on the North Fork gems and need catching up! Tell your L.I blogger to come on by to the site and say hi!
    Love the the blog by the way, you’ll be first on my new blogroll!

    • Thanks for the kind words Jennifer, and definitely let me know when/if you’re coming our way!

      As to LI spots to visit; I would definitely recommend Roanoke Vineyards (owned by the vineyard manager for Wolffer Estates, and Roman Roth is the winemaker), as well as Shinn Estates. And if you get down to the South Fork, definitely check out Channing Daughters. More soon!

  6. Welcome to the blogosphere. As an avowed fan of Ridge wines, I look forward to reading!

    I will also be adding your site to my visual “recommended reads” links on my blog.


    • Hi Jeff! Thanks so much for the kind words, and for the addtion to your “recommended reads”; I look forward to giving your site a visit, and returning the favor!


  7. Bravo. Welcome. We have added you on our blogroll @ The Blend

  8. Great idea!
    My favorite California producer.
    No, wait, my favorite producer!!


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