What’s Your Story?


In case you haven’t heard, we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of our ATP membership program this year.  2017 marks four decades of California’s original winery wine club.  As part of the celebration, we’ve asked to hear from you!  Here are a few stories we’ve received from our members.  Special thanks to Chris, Tim, and Jacquelyn for sharing!

From Chris in Mesa, AZ.

“After a recent trip to the Monte Bello tasting room in January I found myself wondering about the various ATP wines that existed before my membership in the ATP program that began in 2001. So naturally I went to the internet to start my investigation. I found various mentions in the Ridge blog, also by doing Google image searches and a classic YouTube video of Paul Draper with Julia Child but no such luck searching for “Ridge Vineyards ATP releases” or anything similar to that. What a coincidence that just two weeks later I received an email from Ridge cataloging the entire 40 year history of Ridge ATP wines. It was enjoyable to reminisce about wines I had forgotten about like Oltranti, Caboose, Teldeschi and Llewelyn Zins. Fun to see varietals I had no idea that Ridge bottled individually; Sangiovese, Barbera, Alicante let alone wines I had heard of yet never tasted from; Alegria, Whitten Ranch, Bradford Mountain, Park- Muscatine to name a few. It is amazing to see how Ridge has evolved including the varietals and vineyard sources it has worked with. If only I could go back in time and try some of those wines from the 70’s and 80’s. I’m curious how my palette would interpret them compared to more recent releases. Paul Draper’s winemaker notes from then are just as engaging as the current versions. I look forward to several more years of wines in the ATP program to share with my family and friends.”

From Tim in Danville, CA.

“In the early 1980’s I was a 20 something newbie to the wine world. Living and working in the Bay Area with sales territory in Napa, I was surrounded by the burgeoning wine experience, but to nubile to appreciate much more than that the green jug of Inglenook French Colombard. A Napa friend one day took me to Mondavi where he knew a few people on site. We ended up in a set up area of the tasting room, sampling numerous partial bottles of Mr. Mondavi’s beautiful elixir…epiphany!
Months later, in what was Macy’s once well regarded “Cellar” where they sold cookware and wine, my eye caught the iconic (and thankfully to this day unchanged) Ridge label. I do not recall whether someone had told me about Ridge or if the label simply spoke to me, but from that day forward, my wine journey has been very exciting and included Ridge at every turn.
I am not sure just how long I have been an ATP member…surely at least 20 years, but my panic room rarely drops below 20% Ridge contribution.
I thank Mr Draper and the Ridge team for being true to their grapes all these years. Keeping their true north in style and never chasing points. Cheers to 40 years!”


From Jacquelyn in Santa Rosa, CA.

“I first fell in love with Ridge wines in 2009 on a trip to California for the first time in wine country. Our family moved here in 2014 and Ridge was one of my first wine clubs as a Sonoma County local. The ATP club remains my favorite for the exquisite combination of the soil and grapes, not to mention the brilliance of your winemakers. It’s the release I look forward to the most, all the time, especially anything from Lytton Estate.”

What’s your story?

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