The Third Course of our Holiday Feast

Each year, we take full advantage of the holiday season and prepare our Holiday Pairing Feast, an elaborate six-course meal complete with recipes and Ridge pairings.  You can find the recipes online or purchase the Gift Pack which includes all of the wines and printed recipes in a beautiful Ridge branded wood box.  The pack provides everything an experienced or aspiring chef will need to prepare this memorable meal.

The Food

The third course of this year’s Holiday Feast is roast Sonoma duck with holiday spices atop almond and fig farro. Treat yourself to the amazing flavors of roast duck, highlighted with exotic five-spice and the earthiness of figs and farro.  A modern, ethnic twist on a traditional holiday dish.


The Wine

Our selection for the third course is our 2014 Geyserville.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a wine better suited for the holiday table than Geyserville.  The wine consistently shows depth and richness with a complex flavor profile of blackberry fruit, ripe plum, rich cherry, and cedar…all perfect complements to the season’s traditional fare.  In addition, the 130+ year-old field-blend vineyard has a high percentage of Carignane planted within, which contributes beautiful acidity to the wine, making it a fantastically versatile wine to pair with food.  Here is what Winemaker Eric Baugher has to say about this wine…

To learn more and to print the recipe, CLICK HERE.


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