2016 Harvest Update

Harvest season has returned to Northern California. The smell of fermenting juice fills the air, with grape trucks a frequent sight throughout the back roads and highways. It’s an incredible time of year for us as everyone is full of excitement and exuberance for both the work that has been put in throughout the year, as well as what’s to come.

Here is a brief update on 2016 from our Senior VP of Vineyard Operations, David Gates:

“Harvest 2016 is almost back to ‘normal’ in terms of yields and quality so far looks exceptional. We are just about halfway through our zinfandel, petite sirah, and Rhones in Sonoma County. Paso Robles zin is fermenting away in the Monte Bello winery. At the Monte Bello vineyard, our chardonnay harvest should be finished by September 15, and our cabernet and merlot is just about ready, too.”

Following are some shots from our pick at Lytton Springs on September 6th.


These spectacular images are the fine work of Leigh-Ann Beverley (www.bonafidepro.com).

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  1. Will 2016 be as good as 2012 or

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