Assembling The 2015 Monte Bello

Spring is such a remarkable time of year.  The world around us is waking up from its seasonal slumber.  Trees and plants are in bloom and the hillsides are lush, for the first time in several years, with thick, green grasses.  For us here at Ridge, spring also means that the grapes we picked this past fall are evolving into wine.  Certain wines require minimal “assembling”, as they may be made up of only a single block of grapes from a vineyard, or a combination of only a few blocks.  Other wines of ours are comprised of a larger number of blocks and thus require a more complex assemblage process.  Our Monte Bello is one of these wines.  While the wine is made up of grapes entirely from our Monte Bello Estate, the process to decide which specific grapes make their way into the final wine is no small task.

Click here for an update from winemaker Eric Baugher on the assemblage of the 2015 Monte Bello.

One of the very unique elements of our Monte Bello Collector membership program is that you get an opportunity to experience this assemblage process as it’s unfolding.  We hold a string of special events each March, April, and May where Collector members are able to visit us at Monte Bello and taste the new vintage, in this case the 2015, as samples following the first and second assemblages, prior to the final wine being sent to barrel to age.

We just concluded our April edition of these events this past weekend.  The weather only half cooperated, but that didn’t discourage the large groups of Collector members from enjoying a festive weekend on the mountain.  Following are images from the weekend.

There are only a few spots left for our third and final installment of this event next month.  If you are a Collector member, click here to RSVP.  If you are not, learn about joining here.

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