Our Transition To Organically Certified Vineyards

In 2008—after more than a decade of sustainably farming our estate vineyards, and after five years of experimenting with new organic treatments—we began the process of organic certification. The move to organic farming brings our viticulture in line with our traditional winemaking, which employs only the noninvasive treatments used in fine winemaking since the mid-19th century.

However, we decided early on that we wouldn’t place every block on every ranch into transition at the same time. To have done everything at once would have stressed our resources, and could have meant undue risk to the quality of our grapes.

The following interactive maps illustrate our nearly decade long transition to organically certified vineyards.

Click the image to see our transition at Monte Bello…


Click the image to see our transition at Lytton Springs, Geyserville, and East Bench…


If all goes well, we expect we will be able to certify all of our estate vineyards as organic by 2018-2020.

David Gates
VP, Vineyard Operations

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