#Harvest2015 – That’s a Wrap on Lytton Springs & Geyserville [Photo Gallery]

As you may have read, this was our earliest start to the zinfandel harvest on record.  Given that we have 52 years of experience with the varietal, that is most certainly a notable detail.  So it should come as no surprise that despite being only the middle of September, we’ve wrapped up nearly all of our zinfandel harvest for 2015.  So how did it go?  Let me pass the mic to our vineyard overseer, Mr. David Gates:

“Quantity is down at Lytton Springs, Geyserville, and almost all of our outside ranches (Pagani Ranch, York Creek, and East Bench are exceptions), but quality is high. The wines are rich, aromatic, and highly structured. It is going to be a phenomenal year.  Chardonnay quantity is down – but again the wines look great. We are just getting into Monte Bello reds and hope to have better yields, although there won’t be as much as last year”

And here is what Will Thomas, our Sonoma County Viticulturist, had to say:

“This vintage has been as awkward as two sixth graders at their first school dance”

All joking aside, it sounds like we may not have a whole lot of wine, at least for zinfandel and zinfandel-based wines, from 2015 but what we end up with you just might like…at least that’s our hope.  We’ll be sure to keep an eye on how these wines are progressing and will share the details over the next couple of years as we lead up to their release.

Here are some visuals for you to enjoy until that time arrives.  These images are the work of the remarkably talented Leigh-Ann Beverley who joined us for harvest this year.  We were honored to have her and we feel she did an incredible job capturing the spirit of the season.  These photos are copyright protected, so we would appreciate it if you would drop us a line before using them.

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  1. Great photos! Is the pup a Rhodesian Ridgeback?

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