The Mataro is Back!

The words “when are you guys going to make another mataro” are frequently audible in both of our tasting rooms.  You need only spend a weekend at one of our wineries to hear a lengthy recount from a longtime customer or member about their fondness for the bottling.  We have been working with mataro and other Rhone varietals since our first vintage of Geyserville almost 50 years ago. Interplanted between the zinfandel you will find carignane, petite sirah, mataro and a veritable slew of other varietals which were planted along with zinfandel when the vineyard was established in the late 1800’s. Today, at both Geyserville and Lytton Springs, we have entire blocks planted to these complementary varieties. Wines produced from these plantings are often released through the Advance Tasting Program, which are only available direct from the winery.  Despite this history with the grape, It wasn’t until 1990 that we decided to bottle a stand alone mataro to demonstrate the (unblended) character of the varietal.  Here is the label for that first wine:


For most of the next thirteen years, we produced a mataro from several different vineyards including Evangelo, Bridgehead, Pagani Ranch, and Pato.  The 2003 vintage saw the last Mataro Ridge would make…until now.  Introducing the 2012 Lytton Estate Mataro.  Not only is this the first Mataro we have made in over a decade, it is the first we have ever made from our Lytton Estate.  This small, hillside parcel was planted in 2006 and in the past has been included in our Lytton Springs.  In 2012, however, it merited a separate bottling and with only 11 barrels produced, it likely won’t be around very long.


Here is what Paul Draper had to say about this wine: “It was looking so beautifully as the vines matured in 2012 that we decided to keep it separate.  It is very young with a lively acid tannin structure.  It has beautiful fruit with a lot of pepper and Rhone spices.  A beautiful wine, full bodied and really interesting.”  Here is also some video of Paul discussing the history of mataro and why we refer to it as mataro as opposed to mourvedre.  They also reveal the secret of the “Dog Strangler”…

Paul-Draper-MataroAs if the release itself wasn’t enough cause for celebration, today also happens to be Cyber Monday.  So we thought we’d join in the promotional spirit and offer the following through tomorrow, Tuesday, December 2nd:

Members in any of our wine clubs: Shipping-included on all orders

Three Program Members: Additional discounting in addition to their standing shipping-included benefit

Non Members: Shipping-included on orders over $150

Visit our website to purchase or feel free to give us a call at 408.867.3233

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3 replies

  1. I always loved your Mataro and have been a fan of your Petite Sirah since te 1971 vintage. I couldn’t resist this new bottling and just ordered a case! I’m sure it will be wonderful!

  2. Wonderful Robert! Thanks so much, we hope you enjoy it.

  3. Placed my order shortly after receiving the e-mail from y’all. Looking forward to it!

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