Zinfandel Day 2014 is November 19th!


What is Zinfandel Day?
Zinfandel Day is Wednesday, November 19th and is a worldwide celebration of the Zinfandel grape variety, intended to give wine lovers around the globe a platform to express their passion for grape and the wines made from it.

How do I take part in Zinfandel Day?
Easy, just buy a bottle (or several) of Zinfandel, invite over some friends, and enjoy great wine and company. We’ll be offering shipping-included on all orders containing one of our Zinfandel’s throughout the week of November 17th (17th through 23rd). We even have a variety of wonderful recipes to try with our Zinfandel’s.  What better way to celebrate this special day than with a bottle of Ridge!

Are you in Northern California?
Then come visit our wineries and join us in celebration. We will be featuring special Library Tastings at each of our properties.

Monte Bello (Cupertino, CA – Santa Cruz Mountains) Lytton Springs (Healdsburg, CA – Dry Creek Valley)


Are you social media savvy?
If so, we recommend you participate and follow along on Twitter or Facebook by using the #zinday and #ridgevineyards hash tags when posting your comments and photos about Zinfandel. You can then also search the hash tag on these sites to keep up with your fellow Zinfandel drinkers from around the globe.

Celebrate with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Be sure to visit the official Zinfandel Day website.

Not social media inclined? Not to worry, the important thing is that you gather with friends or family and enjoy some great wine… after all what is wine if not shared?

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