Farm-to-Grill in Pictures

As the five o’clock hour approached on Saturday, July 5th, the teams responsible for producing the events at our wineries breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Don’t get me wrong, we love putting on events at Ridge but as anyone who has been involved in event production knows, it is an incredible amount of work and, despite triple checking every last detail, one never knows exactly how things will play out.  Thankfully, the conclusion of our Farm-to-Grill event at Lytton Springs arrived without incident and, as best as we can tell, those in attendance really enjoyed the days festivities.  This event was the second of our two summer food-focused events (details on the former can be found here) and the theme on this day was “Farm-to-Grill”.  Here we spotlight a number of local farms in and around Sonoma County and utilize ingredients from their farms in the dishes we prepare alongside our wines.  What were those dishes you ask?


menuAnother delicious and extremely well paired menu from the fine folks at Feast Catering.  We utilize their services often and highly recommend them.  And as for the pictures…enjoy.

Next up is our Fall Release Celebration.  Details on those events can be found on our Events Calendar.  We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Categories: Lytton Springs, Wine & Food Pairing

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