Celebrating 50 Years of Zinfandel!


50 years! Do  you know what was happening 50 years ago?

As but a few examples:

President Lyndon Johnson inaugurated the “War on Poverty”

“I Want To Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles hit the #1 spot in the US

The first Ford Mustang debuted

The Rolling Stones released their debut album

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize

and our mortal world lost Flannery O’ Connor, author of (in my opinion) one of the greatest novels ever written, Wise Blood.

And as all that was transpiring, a wine was quietly being assembled atop a limestone mountain in the northern reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

A wine that would go on to become the very first Ridge Zinfandel; the first in a fifty-year history.



The founders.

David Bennion, Charles Rosen, Hewitt Crane, and Howard Zeidler.

1964, the harvest. Bottled in November of 1965. The same month as the Battle of La Drang; the effective beginning of the Vietnam War.

Amongst war, peace.

This is what wine stood for then, this is what wine stands for now.

Passionate Civility.

Come to the table. Sit, talk, sip. Think, learn, be peaceful.

Glass of wine.

When I touch you, I feel happy inside.

Let’s celebrate.

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  1. We were there then. A friend of ours was a friend of the four who were BCRZ. He stayed in the cabin for awhile, and we visited him sometimes. The oak tree was there; under it was an old oak table, once painted white, but now peeling. Round marks from buckets of grapes stained the surface. And we had not yet become wine drinkers. Ah, what we missed.

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