Umami, Lytton Springs, & The One Place You NEED To Be Today

Breaking News, Breaking Image, this is LIVE from the Spring Release Celebration at Lytton Springs.

This is Right Here, Right Now!


Spring Release Celebration @ Lytton Springs
Date: 4/5/2014

Spring is an amazing time to visit wine country and we have the perfect excuse. Our culinary theme this year will be Exploring Umami; pairing Ridge with the cuisines of Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, and China. There will also be a few library surprises featured along with our new spring releases. This will be a fantastic opportunity to taste our first wines from the highly anticipated 2012 vintage.

Eventbrite - Spring 2014 Release Celebration at Lytton Springs


When you work in the wine industry, there are certain words & phrases that are important. Certain words & phrases that make you happy. That call you to attention, and brighten your mindscape. Acidity. Champys. Vertical. Monte Bello. Will you taste this? Words & Phrases like those.

Umami is one of those words. It’s an important word. A special word. A delicious word.

Wine people like Umami. Wine people love Umami.

What is Umami?

It’s like the Storehouse Consciousness of flavor. It’s like The Tao. It is Mu.

What is the sound of one taste bud applauding?


Today, at Lytton Springs, Ridge Vineyards is Exploring Umami.

Thus, it is your destiny to be at Lytton Springs. You are one of the ten thousand things, and today, you are emerging.

Explore Umami.

And it goes like this:

station 1

Lemongrass fish cakes, green papaya salad
2012 Estate Chardonnay

station 2

Grilled pork banh mi, red wine hoisin
Grilled seitan banh mi, red wine hoisin (vegetarian)
2012 Geyserville

station 3

Red cooked Sonoma lamb, braised in Chinese spices,
red wine, sweet & dark soy sauces, steamed rice
Red cooked shitake and foraged mushrooms, steamed
rice (vegetarian)
2012 East Bench

station 4

Kalbi beef satay, sweet potato rice
2012 Paso Robles

station 5

Beef yakitori, red wine terriaki glaze, spring onions
2011 Estate Cabernet/2011 Estate Merlot


Spring2014_Page_1 Spring2014_Page_2


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