Behind The Scenes of the Live Virtual Tasting …

As our Live Virtual Tasting was playing out on the far side of the black soundproofing behind us, our “live studio audience” (comprised of some of our very wonderful wine club members!) enjoyed the wines in the old Torre Winery Barn.

And after it was all said and done, Paul Draper, Eric Baugher, and David Gates took some stools, and joined our guests for a very informative and engaging chat, wine glasses in hand. (Someone in the audience actually asked which of the six wines they’d emerged with; the answer? Two Geyservilles and an Estate Cab!)

There is more footage and pics to come, of course, but here is a quick look at the evening’s happenings:



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  1. It is hard to express how much the Ridge Collectors appreciate these events. Where one the finest winemaking teams in the WORLD talks about the wines, tells stories, and interacts, one on one, with their Customers.

  2. Loved it and good to know I am ‘Somebody’!!

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