When The North Came South: Lytton on the Mountain

Our very lovely colleagues to The North (i.e. Lytton Springs) recently paid a very welcome visit to Monte Bello, and with the much-appreciated contributions of Eric Baugher (VP of Winemaking/Monte Bello), David Gates (VP of Vineyard Operations) and Kyle Theriot (Viticulturist/Monte Bello), we were able to host everyone for a very thorough property visit, spending a great deal of time both in the Monte Bello winery, and out in the vines.


If you would like, please feel free to join our colleagues on their visit to Monte Bello, via the virtual visit below …

I know I speak for us all at Monte Bello when I say that it was such a pleasure to host everyone! Lytton Springs has such a phenomenal team in place, and if you haven’t yet had the chance to experience their warmth, knowledge, and hospitality in person, then I heartily encourage you to plan a visit at the earliest possible opportunity.

And tell you what, don’t just stop your pondering at the Lytton Springs tasting room. Have you considered an Estate Tour & Tasting? Check this out:

Estate Tour and Tasting
The personalized tour takes you through our century-old vines, touches on the rich history of Ridge and Lytton Springs, and allows you access to our eco-sustainable winemaking facility. You conclude with a seated tasting in our private tasting room, consisting of side-by-side comparisons of our most limited single-vineyard, estate wines including our legendary Monte Bello. This semi-private experience is $30 per person and limited to groups of 10 adults. Reservations are required with two appointment times available each day at 11am and 2pm. The experience lasts at least 90-minutes.

And if you really want to blow your own mind, why not rock all the way into a Century Tour? Dig this:

Lytton Springs Century Tour and Library Tasting
Beginning with a colorful captain in the 1870s and evolving into a straw bale winery and historic vineyard, Lytton Springs tells a story of land development, boom and bust, chance encounters, and the rebirth of the wine industry, all reflected in the old vines still standing today. This unique, private experience allows you and your guests the rare opportunity to explore this century-old estate (weather permitting) and learn, first-hand, about one of the most historic vineyards in all of California.

Yeah, that’s the stuff. It’s Lytton time.




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