I Found My Thrill …

Spoiler Alert:
–Ridge Vineyards and Blue Hill (in New York) are teaming up for an EXTRAORDINARY wine & food event on March 25th, and you can find out all about it on Blue Hill’s Facebook page, located here.
–Prefer Twitter to Facebook? No worries! Check it out here.
–Still rockin’ the old school telephonic dual-speaker manual monoaural handheld speaker transmission mechanism? Word! Good on your Dust Bowl Soul! All you need to know is 914.366.9600, and you too can have a seat at the table!

Now, let’s play word association.

I say to you, Blue Hill.

You say, what? I found my thrill? Good! That’s good.

Let’s try again.

I say to you, Blue Hill.

And you say? Pale Saints? Ok. Definitely more obscure, but I appreciate a good indie-rock reference as much as anyone.

Let’s try one more time.

I say to you, Blue Hill.

And you say, #RidgeSomms!

Yes! Now we’re getting somewhere!

Remember #RidgeSomms? Man, what an event that was!

If you followed #RidgeSomms, you might recall my profile of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and their incomparable Wine Director Charles Puglia.


You can check that full profile out here:

#RidgeSomms: Where The Ridge Meets The Hill

The point is, whether you get your aural kicks from Fats Domino or The Pale Saints, your gustatory and oenophilic kicks deserve derivement from the Crossroads of The Ridge and The Hill, and there is no better opportunity than this one. Check it out!


2012 Estate Chardonnay? Nice! Poured it just last weekend; fresh, lively, great minerality, but with tremendous bodyweight and complexity. As close to a Monte Bello Chardonnay as the Estate has ever been!

2012 Paso Robles? Nice again! Also poured just last weekend. All the ripe, fruit-forward, warm-climate luxuriance of Paso Robles, counterbalanced by all the restraint, dignity, elegance, and concentration of an old-vine vineyard.

2005 Geyserville? That’s the special 50-year anniversary release! Enough said!

1995 Monte Bello? Oh yes! Yes! Softening now, and finally, after a decade of architectural rigidity, this incredible vintage is just now starting to show its cooler-climate complexities, with great hints of eucalyptal herbaceousness starting to limn the tannin-forward frame and concentrated-black-fruit middle.


2007 Geyserville ESSENCE??? Oh yeah, that’s the sexy … Think I’m kiddin’? Read this: The Essence Arriveth, and Oh My!


March 25th. Waffle Day in Sweden. Hilaria in Ancient Rome. The birthday of Aretha Franklin.

Could any date be more auspicious?

As we often say at Monte Bello, see you on The Hill!

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