Wine. What Is Hip?

News flash, cash

the man in black is brac

and bric, with a quick

and the girl from Ipanema

has a dream-a

that we all get along

like the notes in a song

that we want to teach the world to sing

swing, reminisce

in 2014, you’ll twist to this

if you let go

never let go

of the ah so

and if you don’t know

ask who do know

ask cab calloway

cab, chardonnay

and merlot

holy trio

holy trinity

the trinity affinty

anything but chardonnay?

you don’t say?

oh,  you didn’t

yes, you dids

silly rabbit, tricks are for kids

go classic, go quick

quip, sip,

in 2014, you’ll take the trip

what a long, strange trip it’s been

it’s back

all in, we gonna win

check it out, here we go again!

what is hip?

bend your lip round this sip:

confidence is hip, arrogance is square,

how do you share?


Wine. What is hip?

Share a really special bottle with an expert?


Share a really special bottle with a novice?



So what’s the time?

It’s time to get wine.

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