Sunday Shining, And The Weather Is Sweet, Yeah …

Whether your tastes run to Bob Marley (Sunday Shining) or Mr. Rogers (It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood), it is unquestionably Lovely at Lytton today. LAL!


Thanks to Ashley Ogburn for sharing the sun!

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  1. Hi dudes!
    After what seems like weeks under rain clouds and under many inches of floods…. the sun shone in good old England today. What better than, with a 21 year old celebrating HER BIRTHDAY today, than a 21 year old Lytton Springs? Well, as you may well ask, nothing. Nada. Zilch, Rien de rien.
    So how was it? Well, better than you can imagine. ABBER SO LUTELY wunnerful. I could wax lyrical about the subtle nuances; the hints of this and that; all to your chagrin, because you were not there, I was; we were, and with roast beef, parsnips, roast potatoes, glazed carrots, buttered cabbage and the ubiquitous Yorkshire pudding, what more could be desired? OK, gluttons, another bottle. Maybe, but that would be over egging the pud.

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