It’s Good To Eat Lunch With The President!

With The President …

… of Ridge, that is!


And there was food too!


And speaking of food & wine, between that beautiful meatball sandwich above, and the following:

MushroomPastry Sangwich

which would you think would have paired best with this?


We had the chance to find out recently, as we poured this wonderful new ATP release (the 2011 Carmichael Zinfandel) at our most recent Monte Bello First Friday event, alongside one of the dishes above.

But before I tell you what we selected as the final pairing, what do YOU think it was?


And by the way, to answer your question, the magnum of 1992 Lytton Springs was OUTSTANDING! The color was a mix of bright cherry redness at the core, lightening to a vivacious cranberry at the still-bright limn, and the legs were streamlined, elegant, and gracefully descending. The nose was sublime, laced with cedar notes and a whole host of umami layers; meaning, savory to the blissful nth, and not shy with the clove and grill spices. The fruit was still positively fleshy; resolving nicely, but with still-lively acidity; the red fruit was bound by just a hint of tannin architecture, rendering the overall mouthfeel almost impossibly supple. No heat to speak of in the finish, and the silkiness of the close was close to perfection. An absolute pleasure to taste!

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