Unity In Variety: The Single-Vineyard Wisdom of Felix Mendelssohn

It is the birthday of the great Romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn today; he would have been 205 years old.

And so we think of his music; myself, I think of the great Songs Without Words.

Which is, well-made, a wine; a song without a word.


And so we think of his words; myself, the following:

The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.

Which is what Ridge strives to achieve.

What is it the market wants? Consistency.

What is it Mother Nature delivers?


So how to be true to nature, and true to the lovers of our wines?

Unity in variety.

This is what it is to produce Single-Vineyard Wines from many vineyards, under one name.

One name.

Ridge Vineyards.

One name, many vineyards, many wines, one vision.

Unity in variety.

Ask yourself, does Mother Nature repeat herself two years in a row?

Thus, if a wine tastes the same two years running?

To be authentic to the vintage, to the vineyards, to the drinker of the wine?

Unity in variety.

And with that, a glass, a wine, a Song Without Words.

Thank you Felix Mendelssohn.

Thank you Ridge.

Thank you, you.

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