The Official 2013 Harvest Report!

As we approach the *Monte Bello Collector Component Tasting (first of the three “assemblage” events en route to bottling the new vintage), anticipation is rising, and questions abound as regards the 2013 vintage.

What was it like? How will the wines taste?

So much rain in the winter, yet so dry through spring and summer!

Fog, no fog?

Degree days north, degree days south?

What does it all mean?


Questions, questions, questions …

Fortunately, winemaker Eric Baugher is here to give everyone the inside story: The Official 2013 Harvest Report! (Hint, the news is very, very good!)

Please enjoy the excerpt below, and to read the full report, please click here: Harvest 2013

Winter began with unusual intensity as heavy rains saturated the ground in December. By all appearances, it seemed 2012’s drought had ended, and that it would be a rough winter. Yet as the new year began, the rains abruptly ended. Dry weather persisted through summer and fall, and February’s spring-like weather brought the vines out of dormancy; bloom was early. Unusually fierce May winds struck the middle- and upper-elevation merlot parcels particularly hard, reducing yields. Later-ripening cabernet sauvignon, franc, and petit verdot flowered during favorable weather, and yields were normal…

And for a 4-minute visual tour back through the magic that was the 2013 Harvest, please enjoy the following:

To see more #Harvest2013 videos, as well as many other wonderful Ridge Vineyards movies, please visit our YouTube page, here: Ridge Vineyards/YouTube (127 videos and counting!)

*Please note, the Monte Bello Collector Component Tasting is an exclusive event for members of our Monte Bello Collector Program.

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