2001: A Geyserville Odyssey

Courtesy of our own Paul Draper hosting a trio of French winemakers today, we’ve had the occasion to open a lovely lil’ rarity from the vaults, the 2001 Geyserville.


Upon release, this was certainly a heralded vintage; Robert Parker himself had this to say:

2001 Geyserville Proprietary Red — SCORE: 91 Paul Draper continues to perform brilliantly with his diverse group of Zinfandels and Zinfandel-based blends. His recent portfolio did not reveal a single disappointing offering. The 2001 Geyserville Proprietary Red, a blend of 74% Zinfandel, 18% Carignan, and 8% Petite Sirah, is a beautiful effort.

Interestingly enough, he also had this to say:

Its 14.4% alcohol is well-disguised beneath some serious concentration. It will drink well for 5-6 years.

Given that we’re now 13+ years out from bottling, I have to say that Mr. Parker, despite his praise, may have in fact short-changed this wine just a bit!

Having just tasted it, my notes:

Appearance: Bright, brilliant ruby in the glass, with a pale scarlet limn, and no sign of bricking or brown at all … Elegant glaze in the bowl, showing thin, evenly-spaced legs, in fluidly restrained form … clarity is impeccable.

Aromatics: Dusky and minerally, with an intense mixed berry profile full of stems, seeds, and dark fruit … as to the rest, almost impossibly complex, with traces of everything from hints of tobacco, licorice, and peppercorn, to linseed, vanilla, and blueberry cobbler. A total delight to sniff …

Front: Very round mouthfeel, still showing very playful and light; it rests easy and elegantly on the palate,with an even-keeled acidity, a benign tannin architecture, and a black core inside a wealth of plush dark-red fruit …

Middle: Broadens across the palate, filling in the vivacity with some burgeoning depth and darkness moving onto the back of the tongue …

Finish: Petite Sirah emerges in the finish with a tarry blackening of the mineral and tannin profile, deepening the fruit, and lengthening the finish …

Summary: Really astonishingly delicious; so complex, and rich, and layered, and yet totally vivacious and alive and fresh and buoyant and lively and ripe and fruit-driven, and excellent!

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