The Blog Post I’ve Been Waiting Almost Five Years To Publish!

In the early days of “4488:  A Ridge Blog,” the idea never even crossed my mind.

Even at Post #1000, it seemed little more than a mirage shimmering in the distance; untouchable, unearthly, unreal.

But in recent weeks, it became ever more tangible, ever more possible, ever more real.

And then yesterday, it happened.

If you’ve visited Monte Bello before, you’ve probably seen it.

Many of you probably have a picture of it.

Those of you a little dusty on your history have probably innocently questioned its verity.

And you old-time Ridgers, I’m sure you recognize this particular version of classic Ridge humor.

Regardless of your connection to Ridge, and to Monte Bello, it surely figures into your experiences in some fashion.

It certainly does mine.

Which is why I am so deeply elated to herewith revel in the extraordinary swellegance of this; that yesterday, I published Blog Post #1066.



My visual paean to The Zinfandel Experience —Our 2-minute #ZinEx Quick Flick— was officially the 1066th post on “4488: A Ridge Blog.”

A moment I have waited nearly five years to enjoy.


Next stop, Post #1971?

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  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to 1971! Keep up the great work!

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