The Poetry of Wine, The Wine of Poetry

In wine, we think of wine

so many ways.

So many tastes,

so many textures;

to the soul,

to the soil.

To the grower, there be soil,

there be vine,

there be wine.

To the maker, there be juice,

there be bottle,

there be wine.

To the buyer,

to the lover,

to the drinker,

there be life,

there be love,

there be wine,

there be wine.


In wine, we think of wine

so many ways.

We say structure,

we say acid, we say fruit.

We say a score,

we say a price,

we say a name.

But oh, in wine,

we think of wine,

we think of wine,

we, all the same.


In was on this day in 1896,

that Verlaine returned the curses

of his verses to the lands

where the ten thousand things

come and go.

And so,

today we are reminded

what reminded, we are of,

we are reminded the our wine

is the wet liquid of love.


Il Bacio

Kiss! Hollyhock in Love’s luxuriant close!
Brisk music played on pearly little keys,
In tempo with the witching melodies
Love in the ardent heart repeating goes.

Sonorous, graceful Kiss, hail! Kiss divine!
Unequalled boon, unutterable bliss!
Man, bent o’er thine enthralling chalice, Kiss,
Grows drunken with a rapture only thine!

Thou comfortest as music does, and wine,
And grief dies smothered in thy purple fold.
Let one greater than I, Kiss, and more bold,
Rear thee a classic, monumental line.

Humble Parisian bard, this infantile
Bouquet of rhymes I tender half in fear….
Be gracious, and in guerdon, on the dear
Red lips of One I know, alight and smile!

Paul Verlaine


Born March 30, 1844, passed January 8, 1896. The poet Paul Verlaine.



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