Cerebral Solar Cortex in the midst of Polar Vortex

***For important update to the below, see below the below!***

Cerebral Solar Cortex. Literally: Sun In The Brain. Colloquially: A Sunny Disposition.

The question then, is, how does one create/maintain said sunny d. when one is suffering through -50 wind chill factor weather?

And mind you, I have lived in New York, Colorado, and most relevantly, Chicago IL, and East Lansing, MI. I KNOW wind-chill factor.

I learned to ride a pedal bike by wobbling down a recently snow-plowed sidewalk, careening back and forth against the frozen padding of 3-foot snowbanks on either side of me, the faux-fur lining of my snowmobile-suit hood sticking to the semi-frozen mucus glazing down my cheeks from ruddy nostrils.

So, sunny d. amidst the polar v.; how to maintain?

The answer, my frozen friends, is Syrah.


Specifically, the 2009 Ridge Vineyards Lytton Estate Syrah.

You can serve it like hot cocoa, in a mug with a marshmallow.

You can serve it from a mini-keg strapped to the neck of your airedale, your poodle, your basset.

You can serve it lodge-style by the fire, still wearing the warm lining of your thawing moonboots on your near-frostbit southern digits.

You can serve it in a 22 oz. bowl of fine crystal, from inside a warm home, whilst watching the tips of icicles drip in the mid-morning sun, as the sounds of snowplows in the distance rumble like trains in days-gone-by.

You can serve it with Jerky. Beef, Venison, Turkey, Tofu; whatever your jerky pleasure, the Syrah-Umami vortex is its own oeno-meteorological phenomenon, and one not to be missed.

Take that, Polar Vortex. You’ve just been Syrah’d.


And here we are, below the below!

Thank you Stella, for your comment pointing us in the direction of a #6 approach to Syrah in the snow: Wine Bubbles!



Categories: Viticultural Salmagundi

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  1. Perhaps one could make frozen Syrah bubbles? Like this, except (happily) consumable:

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