5 more ways to enjoy Syrah in the Snow …

In our previous post on the matter (UmamiVortex for the PolarVortex, and such …), we outlined 5 possible ways of serving Syrah in the Snow.


We then updated, courtesy of a shared link from Commenter Stella, who hipped us to the idea of Frozen Syrah Bubbles.

Which is where we’ll begin for our 5 NEW ways to maintain Cerebral Solar Cortex (i.e. sunny disposition!) amidst the Polar Vortex:

6) Frozen Syrah Bubbles. (Can be achieved by blowing Syrah through a bubble blower, letting the wine-spray freeze before it hits the ground, then collecting the little purple bubbles from the snow, and eating them. But go slow. You’ll get a headache otherwise.)

7) From out of a Crystal Ski Boot, Snow-Cinderella style. (Wear Crystal Ski Boots to a Snowball, meet someone and fall in love, but don’t tell them your name. Dash off, leaving one boot behind. Spurned lover fills boot with Syrah, swears to marry only the one who can identify the purple liquid properly. You arrive, declare it to be 2009 Lytton Estate Syrah, and then live happily ever after.)

8) Syrah Pops. AKA Syracicles. As they say in Michigan.

9) Mustache icicles (Grow mustache. Drink Syrah, with gusto. Suck mustache. Can also be achieved by partnering up with the mustachio’d.)

10) Mulled Wine (Have someone else make mulled wine. Drink Syrah while they make it.)

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