The Weird & Wacky World of Search Engine Terms – Annual Edition: 2013

Readers of this blog may recall that I have a fondness for reviewing all the pleasantly unusual search engine terms that have -intentionally or otherwise- led visitors to these virtual pages. Over the years, I have offered up many lists of these wonderful terms, generally categorized under the heading of “The Weird & Wacky World of Search Engine Terms.” The annual lists are without a doubt my favorites, because it’s there that one gets a real sense of just how strange these six degree intersections can really be, and so it is with great excitement that I prepare to deliver the 2013 edition!

Many of the terms on past lists are in fact not so surprising: searches for “Ridge Vineyards,” “Ridge Blog,” “Monte Bello,” and the like. But what HAS been surprising (or perhaps not?), is the fact that the most impactful terms are more often than not QUITE strange, and at face value seem to have little possible connection to what is written here.

For myself, I am always happy to see these rather singular results, as I take it as a certain sort of proof-of-concept, an affirmation of a kind that I am managing to cover a great deal of conceptual and thematic ground, even whilst working within the seemingly narrow confines of a “wine blog.”


For this, I have Ridge itself to thank. Not for supporting my endeavors here (though I am certainly grateful for that!), but for being the sort of company that would naturally engender said conceptual breadth. I have said it many times over, in many ways, that Paul Draper is a Jazz Winemaker, a Haiku Winemaker; I have declared Ridge an artist, and the wines art, and I believe this. I believe that to truly understand these wines, to fully appreciate what they have on offer, one must travel the roads of art, of philosophy, of theology, of poetry, just as one must travel the roads of history, science and agriculture.

Consider Paul himself on the subject (in the course of discussing our adherence to a “natural yeast” program for fermentation):

“You’ve got to remember I was a philosophy major.  Also I was interested in the reasons behind things, their symbolism. I think there’s no question but that one of the reasons I was attracted to wine was that it is and has been throughout western civilization such a powerful symbol. It has been a part of the ritual of the most important religions of the western world. It has been the central symbol for transformation, whether physical or spiritual for thousands of years.

In the grape are all the elements needed to make wine. That’s the reason why it’s the symbol of transformation. You have this simple but delicious fruit that, through a natural process, becomes something as exotic, stimulating, and incredible as a glass of wine. That is so amazing that the transformation it symbolizes has stayed with us through the history of western civilization.

So natural yeast; that’s why we use it.  Can we as men and women really improve on nature in this case? Why not tie into the symbolism of something that separates wine from all other alcoholic beverages, that shows why wine is special, not just another intoxicant, not just another drug. Why would I stick with natural yeasts? It gives meaning to what I’m doing. I’m not in the driver’s seat; there is a natural process going on here that I can assist by choosing the vineyards, by watching over the wines, applying my experience and my team’s experience to how we handle the wines. But the wines in a sense make themselves. That’s far more interesting to me than simply producing another commodity.”

And so, with all that said, I happily present to you the *Top 25 Search Engine Terms that led folks to “4488: A Ridge Blog” in 2013!

  1. days of wine and roses
  2. ridge wine blog/ridge blog
  3. nadia g/bitchin kitchen
  4. lucky 13
  5. wallace and gromit cheese
  6. balance
  7. 21st amendment
  8. fugazi
  9. thelonious monk
  10. big sur kerouac
  11. famous saxophone players
  12. bigfoot/sasquatch
  13. fefferoni peppers
  14. charlie parker
  15. 18th amendment/volstead act
  16. dylan thomas
  17. wine barrel
  18. american oak vs french oak
  19. california 1850
  20. robert parker
  21. francesco zuccarelli
  22. zoot sims
  23. 1103p rootstock
  24. paul chambers
  25. georgia o’ keefe

*Note: What are essentially duplicate entries have been deleted; i.e. appearances of “ridge blog” and “ridge vineyards blog,” for example. In the case of different terms for essentially the same subject (i.e. “Volstead Act” and “18th Amendment”), these have been joined together as a single item, and separated by a slash.

Quite a list! Quite a list indeed …

Now, just for a bit of fun, I also always like to compile a list of my favorite rather more “unusual” terms that appeared in the analytics; in no particular order (and please note, these ALL led at least ONE person to this blog!), my personal favorite Top 25 Weird & Wacky Search Engine Terms for 2013!

  1. life of brian quotes
  2. wide porches
  3. aspirational music
  4. what is kabayaki butter
  5. tuna fish and crackers
  6. verdot column lift
  7. roy haynes bird mingus monk
  8. ice cube 3 dots on face
  9. phrases best meat
  10. pfs shoes
  11. susanna hoffs 2013
  12. ferragosto festivals
  13. how to draw goofy’s face
  14. django reinhardt eating
  15. john samuel palomino you are my best
  16. chinese poets who drank wine
  17. charcuterie slicers
  18. never ending story white dragon name
  19. darkman decants
  20. muppets jazz player
  21. pirate drinking wine
  22. clear bong
  23. i make art elmo
  24. grease we go together
  25. antonym for simpleton


And with that, here’s to a delightfully weird & wacky 2014! Thanks for reading! However you may have gotten here, I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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