We’re Baaaaack! The Return of the Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting Series: 2014 Edition!

It’s a New Year, my friends, which means it’s time for a new Wine Bloggers Tasting Series!

That’s right bloggers, this is to serve notice that the 2014 Edition of our Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting Series is officially in production!

Which means, this could be YOUR invitation! (Vinvitation?)

If you write a blog (or something that resembles a blog, acts like a blog, parallels a blog, behaves like a blog, functions like a blog, or dresses like a blog for Halloween), and you write about wine, or wine & food, or wine & music, or wine & poetry, or you have any other kind of blog-like thing that covers wine as part of its beat, then WE are interested in talking to  YOU!


Q: What IS the Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting Series?

A: The Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting Series is a quarterly tasting series hosted by yours truly, and attended each session by a small cadre of especially selected Wine Bloggers. Each session has a special theme, and features an especially selected cadre of wines offered for tasting and review by our assembled guests. Previous themes have included …

–What Robert Parker Just Reviewed

–The Acrostic Anagram Sessions

–Limited-Production, Winery-Only Wines

–A Lytton Springs Vertical

–Monte Bello “Library List” Offerings

… and previous themes have involved, amongst other things, typing tasting notes on vintage manual typewriters, matching wines to classic jazz performances, going on camera to create “virtual tasting” footage, and more.

The guest list for this event is traditionally a short one, and in the past has featured both a who’s who of some of the best and brightest in the national field, alongside local luminaries, and newbies just getting started. We like a mix, we like a balance, and we ALWAYS make sure to include a few new faces with each session.


***One thing we’ll be doing new this year is formalizing a “nominations” option and process; meaning, if you have a fellow Wine Blogger that you’d like to “nominate” as a possible attendee, and your “nominee” is selected for a seat at the table, we’ll have a special prize for the both of you!***


So, consider this a formal “Vinvitation!”

The first tasting will be held here at Monte Bello (we go back and forth between Monte Bello & Lytton Springs over the course of the year), and the specs are as follows:

What: 2014 Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting, Session I

Where: Monte Bello

When: Saturday, March 29th, 1pm

If you’re interested in attending this, the first Ridge Vineyards Wine Bloggers Tasting of 2014, then please send us your “official” request for a seat at the tasting table! (And please note, due to a combination of high demand and low availability, attendance is not guaranteed with a request; written confirmation is required to ensure your seat, so if you send in a request and don’t hear back in a timely fashion, please make sure to query us in advance!)

There are three ways to request a seat at the tasting table:

1. Comment on this post, express your interest, and provide contact info and a link to your blog

2. Comment on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RidgeVineyards, and provide the same details as above

3. Send a tweet to @RidgeVineyards, and use #WineBloggersTasting in your tweet.

After that, we’ll then contact you to make arrangements!

Hope to hear from you soon, and until then, write on write on!

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