Out With The Champys, and In With The Zin! A New Year’s Manifesto …

Out with the Champys????

Surely you jest, oh lover of Champys, I query myself.

Yes, it’s true. I have waxed ad naus in re Champys, and my selfsame affection for, and this is WHY … I say out with it.

This is my manifesto.

I wish to free Champys from the shackles of New Year’s.

I wish to rid it of the gruesome celebrational baggage under which it hath toiled so long.

I wish to emancipate it’s wonderfulness from the ghastly toasting nonsensicality of ball-dropping drivelication.

I wish to loose the chains of foul flutes, so that Champys can again lay proud and complex in all its coupe glass glory.

No, I say! No more Champys at New Years!

The time has come!

Out with the Champys, and In with the Zin!

Zinfandel Here.



Zinfandel is PERFECT for New Years. It has all the good Fs, and it does NOT have the bad F. It is Fun. It is Fruit-Forward. It is Food-Friendly. It is Festive.

It does NOT come in Flutes.

Whenever on this globe your midnight may come, and wherever on this earth you may celebrate, I urge you to send off the old and ring in the new with the great impassioned tongue-kiss of Zinfandel!

Zinfandel Here.

Auld Lang Syne with Red Wine!

And let Champys be.

Let it return to its coupe boudoir, there to rest supine in peace; beautiful, complex, aromatic, and excellent. Where it belongs. In a coupe glass. With its lover’s lip a-hovering.

And so I say, Out With The Champys, and In With The Zin!


Zinfandel Here.

If you toast New Year’s with a Zinfandel, send us a picture! We’ll post it here, and forever hail  your revolutionary spirit.

The revolution will not be bubbling, it will be red!

And there is still time. The clock is ticking, but there is still time.

Zinfandel Here.

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