Christopher Prepares The Holiday Feast: Part V, section II: The Soak!

Post Summary:
4488: A Ridge Blog celebrates the launch of the Ridge Vineyards 2013 Holiday Offerings by highlighting each of the six signature Wine & Food pairings featured in the 2013 Ridge Vineyards Holiday Feast

This post constitutes In Which Christopher Prepares The Holiday Feast: Part V, section II: The Soak


-The creation and deployment of The Marinade (vis a vis Cabernet-Soaked!).
-Philosophical ruminations on The Four Possible Wine & Food Pairing Outcomes

And of course, exclusive links to Dish #5 in our Holiday Feast: Slow Roasted, Cabernet Soaked Loin Of Venison w/ Fried Caper Berry, Almond & Flat Leaf Parsley Salad, Bearnaise & Pan Juices


And so we continue!

Last week, we were feeling reflective, wistful, bluesy. We poured out our feelings in song. The Days of Wine & Venison.

This week, we’re a man of action. We’re ready to act upon the world. We are taking our new-found forward-thinking proactivity to the kitchen. We are cooking. We are soaking. Soak Me, Soak Me, sings the Venison.


Marinating is a long process. One gets reflective, philosophical, in one’s head. We are in my head. We are thinking. We are ruminating. We are pondering. We are thinking about the 2010 Monte Bello. We are thinking about pairing the 2010 Monte Bello with food. With venison. With Cabernet-Soaked Venison.


We are thinking about wine & food pairing. We are thinking about The Theory.

The Theory.

The Four Possible Wine & Food Pairing Outcomes.

And they are:

1. Negative Culinarity

2. Sensorial Diffidence

3. Gustatory Confluence.

4. Ghosty Culinarity.

Now, please join us for …

… The Soak.

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