The New Long Division of Holiday Wine -or- Introducing The Wine Cats!

*Spoiler Alert! This post chronicles the deployment of a Venn Diagram in the service of tasting one of our very special 2013 Holiday Packs: “From Our Library!”



Often, when considering


wine releases, with ostensibly


developmental trajectories,  I find they can often be the cause of much


amongst fellow tasters.


Meaning, it’s a bit like herding cats.

Wine Cats.

The Wine Cats.


Not to be confused with The Love Cats.

It’s a bit like herding The Wine Cats, trying to get a consensus of opinion.


Enter the oenophiles Venn Diagram.

Or, for short, The OV. The Oeno-Venn.

Anyhow, when one is enduring much difference of opinion amongst tasters, it can be instructive to deploy an OV, in the interest of identifying a core set of perceptions.


Consider the “From Our Library,” as an example.

“From Our Library” is one of our very special 2013 Holiday Packs. It is comprised of the following three library offerings:

2008 Ponzo Zinfandel

2006 Lytton Estate Syrah/Grenache

2004 York Creek Zinfandel

I recently asked two members of our team here at Monte Bello to taste these wines, and provide me their notes.

Herding The Wine Cats.

Enter The OV.


Conclusions? Safe to say that, if nothing else, these wines at least exhibit the following:

2008 Ponzo Zinfandel – cranberry and plum tones

2006 Lytton Estate Syrah/Grenache – berry flavors

2004 York Creek Zinfandel – dried fruit notes (raisin/date), and potpourri aromatics

Hmmm …

We may need a second opinion.

Are you a Wine Cat?


Special thanks to Jenny Merit & Michael Foley, Ridge staffers extraordinaire, and today’s Wine Cats!

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