Christopher Prepares The Holiday Feast: Part III, Orange Ya Glad?

Post Summary:
4488: A Ridge Blog celebrates the launch of the Ridge Vineyards 2013 Holiday Offerings by pledging to prepare each of the six signature Wine & Food pairings featured in the 2013 Ridge Vineyards Holiday Feast

This post constitutes In Which Christopher Prepares The Holiday Feast: Part III: Orange Ya Glad?

Highlights include:

-Garlic Free Throws

-Orange Bowling

-A staged re-telling of THE GREATEST JOKE EVER TOLD

And of course, the preparing of Dish #3 in our Holiday Feast: 2011 Geyserville w/ Roast Pork Tenderloin!

To advance to Episode III, please scroll down to the conclusion of the post, or, just click the image below to go straight to our YouTube page,and the full video series:


The premise of the piece is essentially this; that often, what you THINK something is about, is not ACTUALLY what it’s about.

The organizing metaphor of the script is a revision exercise from a former poetry mentor; in which I was asked to scratch the bulk of a poem, and write a new draft from just one line, with the lesson being that much of the work one does is actually just the journey towards finding out what one is doing.

In the case of the kitchen, the lesson is this, that’s it’s easy to look at this dish and think, obviously, it’s about the pork.

But what if it’s about the orange?




Orange Bowling, in the Torre Winery Barn …

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  1. great to see you looking so well.that was like a visit with an oid friend.all is well here,hope all is well with you. fondest regards chris and kathy

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