Carignane, My Wayward Son! “A Once-Forgotten Grape is Reborn in California”




Cheers to Carignane!

Cheers to Louis Villard!

Cheers to 7X7!

Sound the horns!

Release the hounds!

Fire the cannons!

For those about to Carignane, we salute you!


The mysterious Louis Villard, the Lamont Cranston of the coast, the Dr. Sax of Santa Barbara, has put his pen to the Carignane cause, shining a light into the noir, a blaze into the brume, a flame into the fog, and revealed is our wayward son, Carignane!

To directly experience Mr. Villard’s hymn to the harvest, his paean to the pomace, his carol to the Carignane, please click below:

A Once-Forgotten Grape Is Reborn In California

And to acquire a bit of the Ridge Carignane magic for yourself:

Ridge Vineyards Carignane

Drink up!

And …


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1 reply

  1. Ridge Carignane is great.

    Alder over at Vinography also seemed to be a fan of a Carignane we import from Chile.

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