An Evening With Jon Bonné

Setting Up The Display ...

A wine writer can be a polarizing thing, I concede that.

A wine writer can be many things, from retail shill to arcane philosopher, muckraker to dogsbody, provocateur to milquetoast; from curator of the past to a leader of the future; from seer to saint to rebel to rote martinet.

I prefer my wine writing as I prefer all art; supreme craft and discipline deployed in the service of spontaneity and mojo, in pursuit of mad aesthetic beauty.


I have been out tonight, in support of the release of Jon Bonné’s new book: “The New California Wine.”

I have been in great company tonight. I have been with Jon Bonné.

I have also been with the lovely folks from Varner Wines, and from the Alfaro Family Vineyards & Winery.

It is not unlike Jon Bonné to stage an event in which only producers from the Santa Cruz Mountains are featured. And it is not unlike us to come out in support of Jon Bonné.

We have all been with The Commonwealth Club of California tonight, who, as our hosts, have been wonderful.

I have been with you tonight, if you were there tonight. And if you were, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

I hope you enjoyed the wines I poured for you. Should your memory wish a nudge, they were:

2011 Lytton Springs

2010 Klein Cabernet Sauvignon


My portion of the event, from arrival, to prep, to the talk:


Congratulations Jon. A book is a wonderful thing to have written. And you, sir, are a writer. A writer of books. What a thing to be!

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  1. Yup, Christopher….Jon’s new book is a great read. I learned quite a bit from it & found some wineries that were new to me.

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