Christopher Prepares The Holiday Feast: Part II, Bacon Is The Bridge

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4488: A Ridge Blog celebrates the launch of the Ridge Vineyards 2013 Holiday Offerings by pledging to prepare each of the six signature Wine & Food pairings featured in the 2013 Ridge Vineyards Holiday Feast. Haiku & Hi-jinks ensue … 

This post constitutes Episode II – In Which Christopher Prepares The Holiday Feast. Part II: Bacon Is The Bridge

To advance to the video portion, please scroll down, or just click the freeze-frame below to go straight to our YouTube page (and don’t miss the outtakes at the end!):


It can be a challenge, certainly.

In some circles, it’s even considered heresy.

There’s no getting around it — fish and red wine — it’s not common, it’s not standard, it’s not orthodox.

But we’re not interested in that, are we?

That said, there are challenges.

Fish, red wine, what’s needed is a bridge.

So in the immortal words of James Brown, let’s take it to the bridge.

What is the bridge?

Bacon is the bridge.


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And for more about our Holiday Feast offering, please click here: Holiday Feast

And lastly, please stay tuned for Part III!

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