1995 Monte Bello, considered …

As noted in a previous post, we are launching a new Library Wine program in our Estate Tasting Rooms, debuting this weekend at Lytton Springs with the 1995 Monte Bello.

We think this is a pretty rare and wonderful opportunity to taste a pretty rare and wonderful wine, and certainly hope you feel the same way too!


So, I tasted the 1995 not too long back, and I’d like to share with you here the quick tasting notes I penned at the time; spontaneously, in my best Beat first word/best word way:

Nice and rich and thick and juicy fruit-dense visuals, perfect ruby limn; really rich glaze, thick and gravitas-laden legs — Fleshy, forward, strong aromatics; muscular, meaty, dense — Some cedar and wood and bark aromatics leading into a plummier, sweeter, astonishingly fresh, lightly playful mixed harvest berry profile on the palate — Still lots of forward tannin present, and still great acidity; just a lot of wine in the glass; pound for pound, a VERY intense offering that continues its VERY slow pace towards long-term high excellence.

Yeah, I remember that tasting … sigh …

Anyhow, if you get the chance to swing into Lytton Springs this weekend, let us know what YOU think!


Lytton Springs, this very morning!

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  1. I remember that tasting too. 1995 all the way!

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