Ain’t Nobody Here But Me And My ’91 Monte Bello …

Your Monday morning was probably similar to my Monday morning …


In that you too probably tasted 21 wines before noon …

But did you taste this?


Still-Life with 1991 Monte Bello, Paul Draper, and Eric Baugher.

Long-time readers of this blog may recall a post from 2009:

1991 RIDGE Monte Bello: The Greatest Of Them All? -or- Life, I Love You, Cheers! -or- Wine As Zen Awareness Ritual -or- A Monte Bello Mash Note

Which kind of pretty much sums it up.


The Beastie Boys once rapped, as follows:

You think that you can front when revelation comes?

No, King Ad Rock. I do not. I know this now, because revelation has come.

And to answer the question posed by the title of your track, what’cha I want is more ’91.

Monte Bello, that is.


Ah, Library Wines. C’mere, you …

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  1. What did they say about Grape Ape? because that totally has to be you man well you or Paul.

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