Take It To “The Bridge” – (Bridge School Benefit Concert, That Is!)

Spoiler Alert: This post is about a lovely wine event I had the pleasure of co-hosting at restaurant Quattro (Four Seasons/Silicon Valley) yesterday, featuring delicious wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and for which I poured our new (and VERY special) 2011 Lytton Estate Primitivo, and our (very nearly sold out!!!) 2010 Estate Cabernet



So, were you at the Bridge School Benefit Concert last night?

I was not.

But, I WAS at the hotel where all the performers were staying. Why? Because I had the very great pleasure of hosting a very fine wine tasting event presented by restaurant Quattro, at the Four Seasons/Silicon Valley.

So there I was, happily and quietly double-decanting and tasting wines in preparation for the event, just minding my own business, when along comes Graham Nash! And he promptly tries to swipe a bottle of Monte Bello! Well, I of course took great umbrage at this, and in an act of petty revenge, I informed him that he should have quit at “Bustop!” And of course HE took umbrage at THAT, and instantly (and rather petulantly, if you want my opinion) demanded that his security guard beat me up. Well, as it turns out, his security guard was a woman, so being the rather old-fashioned chap that I am, I kicked her as hard as I could, and started to run. Not, I should note, before breaking the glass on the nearby locked humidor and grabbing a handful of hand-rolled lovelies. So there I was, sprinting down Woodland Avenue with a fistful of Cubans just as fast as my vegan ankle boots would carry me …

This is, of course, not true. (Though I did indeed see Mr. Nash, who is in fact a very kind, and well-mannered gentlemen through and through …)

What IS true, is that the event was indeed lovely, and I can heartily and without reservation recommend the Quattro experience. The team there is excellent, the environs both pleasurable and pleasing, and the offerings delicious.

Neither the South Bay nor the Santa Cruz Mountains are likely the first things that come to your mind whilst contemplating the cultural and the culinary, the oenophilic and the exotic, the aesthetic and the essential on offer in Northern California, but yesterday was, to all in attendance including myself, clear proof that there is beauty afoot in these thar hills …

Just ask Graham Nash!

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