The Auld Triangle

Or, should I say, The New Triangle!

Triangle Carignane, that is …


Which we will be showcasing at the November Edition of First Friday at Monte Bello!

First Friday @ Monte Bello
Date: 11/1/2013

Eventbrite - First Friday at Monte Bello - November 2013


Carignane occupies a rather noteworthy space in the pantheon of varietals that Ridge works with; it is an integral component in our two flagship zinfandel-dominant field blends (Geyserville & Lytton Springs, respectively), it is a signature partner to zinfandel in a number of our limited-production winery-only (ATP Program) zinfandels (Mazzoni Home Ranch, for example), and it is a solo varietal offering, most notably in the form of the Buchignani Ranch Carignane.

The arrival of the Triangle Carignane, however, is cause for special celebration.

But not because it’s the first to emerge from the Geyserville vineyards. (Those of you who go back a bit with Ridge will likely remember Whitten Ranch Carignanes from the early 90s.)

And not because of its overarching rarity. (Those of you who really know your Ridge history can likely conjure up memories of offerings like the Oat Valley Carignane, or perhaps even the Sommer Ranch Carignanes!)

No, what really makes this wine special are the vines of origin; the Triangle block was planted in 1890! 2.7 acres worth, on St. George rootstock, set into the instantly recognizable gravel of Geyserville.

(for more detailed information about our vineyards — vine age, acreage, soil types, etc. — please visit our Interactive Vineyards Map)


And what of the wine itself, in the glass, on the palate?

Well, I’ll admit, my prose is oft prone to run to the purple, but this wine … I mean, this wine!

2011 Ridge Vineyards Triangle Carignane

An incandescent black magenta in the bowl, halo’d in scarlet, limned in ruby – chersonese by upended chersonese, the slim peninsular legs run languidly south into a serenely concentrated belly of blackened rosewood tones – sweet cedar and brined herbs pleached in aromatic braids spring forth from the lift of a scented floral sachet – an exacting brace of acidity calls the palate to arms with its spry reveille, as brisk cherry flesh threads its snapping sap throughout the mouthfeel – the finish is tautly wound around a core of spicy fruit and firming structure, and the linger is the promise of a table set for autumn …

I was inspired, to say the least. So much so, that I took it to video …

Inspired by the 2011 Ridge Vineyards Triangle Carignane:


This wine is a first for us, and a truly rarefied opportunity to showcase for you just what these beatific old Carignane vines are capable of …


If you wish to be amongst the very first to try our very first Triangle Carignane, then please join us for November First Friday at Monte Bello!


And to watch winemaker Eric Baugher taste and discuss this unique new offering, please enjoy the following:



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  1. Wow. Great blog entry, Christopher. Your tasting notes, and Eric’s remarks, have set a pretty high bar for this wine. Really looking forward to it. Any recommendations for pairings?

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