And With That, #Harvest2013 Is Over!


Yes, the work continues. It always does. But for one brief moment at least, let us stop, offer deep bows to the gods, and cry, “Harvest Is Over!!!”

The team was in the field yesterday.

The grapes were delivered.

The grapes are in the tank today.

And with that, #Harvest2013 is over!

I confirmed it with David Gates, I confirmed it with Kyle Theriot, I confirmed it with Eric Baugher.

#Harvest2013 is over!!!



That’s production code for 2013 Zinfandel Jimsomare Old Zin

Which refers to a 5 acre block of zinfandel planted by Pierre Klein, on St. George rootstock, in the year 1900.


One-hundred-and-thirteen-years later, grapes from these vines have the honor of closing out #Harvest2013.


To the gods, deep bows.

To our vineyard and winery teams, deep bows.

To #Harvest2013, deep bows.

To Pierre Klein, Saint George, and all who’ve come before who’ve left the spirits of themselves in this soil, this air, this place, deep bows.

And to you, to whom we offer the literal fruits of our labors.

To you, deep bows.

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