Why be Coy, Roy, when you can be Coi, Boy?

Ridge Vineyards Wine Dinner

San Francisco


Coi will be featuring a five course menu paired with a selection of Ridge wines including the Geyserville, Lytton Springs and Monte Bello. In addition, you’ll sample the very exclusive, small-production Carignane. Please call to find out what times are available or book online .

Price is $150/person, excluding 18% gratuity and tax.
Ridge’s Christina Donley will be on hand for questions.

Coi is located at:
373 Broadway
San Francisco, CA 94133


The Donley.

The mysteriious, mysterious Donley.

Who IS that masked wine woman?

Much like Darkman, she is everyone, and she is no one.

She is everywhere, and she is nowhere.

Thursday, she is Coi.


That which we call California Cuisine has expanded both exponentially and conceptually since the days when only Alice ruled the roost, (And by Alice I mean, of course, Alice Waters, and Chez Panisse), but not without some controversy.  Consider the following quote:

“So deeply embedded is the mythology of Chez Panisse in the DNA of local food culture that it threatens to smother stylistic diversity and extinguish the creativity that it originally sought to spark.”

Chef Daniel Patterson, the author of the above, is (quite fortunately for us!) the answer to his own posed conundrum. His stylistic diversity and creativity, as evidenced by his work at Coi in San Francisco, are clear proof that one can still hew lovingly to the sustainable-local-fresh-organic tenets of archetypical California Cuisine, yet still grow, expand, and most of all, excite.

The article I reference above closes with Mr. Patterson’s description of a colleague’s dish: “a testament to the fact that delicious and different can peacefully coexist.”

Which is just exactly what you can expect Thursday night at Coi. Plus one D.


Plus One D!



and, the Donley!


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