The Stroke, The Jug, & The Tasting Wakes Tonight!

I am old school.

I am pre-dot-com San Francisco.

I am pre-new-ballpark San Francisco.

I am the Richmond District. I am the cliffs.

I am pre-Embarcadero Hayes Valley.

I am tenderloin. Not tenderfoot.

I am old school enough that I know The Jug Shop from the Stroke 9 days.


Take that, hipster.


The Phoenix rises tonight. On the wings of Lytton Springs.

On the wings of Monte Bello.

Ridge is in The City.

I have lived in Seattle. I have lived in Brooklyn. I have lived in Orlando. I have lived in Los Angeles. I have lived in New Orleans. I have lived in Denver. I have lived in Chicago.

There is only one, The City.

Do you know what I mean if I say “Boss Dice?”

Take that, hipster.

Score one for Herb Caen.

I have drunk at Tosca with Willie Brown.

I know The Jug Shop from the Stroke 9 days.


The Phoenix arises tonight!

On the wines of Pagani.

On the wings of Emma Henkens.

Ridge’s very own Emma Henkens. At The Jug Shop. Tonight.

You may know her from videos such as “Tasting Room Noir”:

Or from events like the Collector Assemblage Tastings at Monte Bello.

But tonight, she is the host of a fine Ridge Vineyards tasting at …

The Jug Shop.


Tower of Power = Bay Area.

What is hip?

The Jug Shop is.

What is hip?

Ridge Vineyards is.

Tell me where

did you drink


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