Come 2700 feet up Black Mountain, to experience the CRUSH of #Harvest2013!

Historic Monte Bello.

The Monte Bello Winery.


High, high atop Black Mountain, in the northern reaches of the Santa Cruz Mountains, sits the Monte Bello Winery.

In sight of the sea when the fog allows, built into the black-molded limestone of the peak, girdled with equipment both ancient and new, and surrounded by the whispering grace of vineyards scaled in microtonal harmony, the winery is the repository of a century, the papyrus upon which is writ the union of the sacred and the sensual.

It is a hive alive in harvest.

Yet a brief rain, and a temporary cooling down of temperatures, recently delivered unto us a temporary respite from the madness of the vineyard, allowing us to turn our eyes towards the mystic machinations of the winery itself; to the ritually controlled ferocity of CRUSH. Into the mystic, indeed …

Behold. …


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