Our 1000th Blog Post!

1000 Posts

1000 posts.

A milestone of a kind, to say the least.

And so, a quote.

A quote, to humbly exhort you to applaud this 1000-post feat.

Wine wine
Why the goose drank wine
And the monkey chewed tobacco on a streetcar line
Now the line broke and the monkey got choked
And they all went to heaven in a little row boat
Clap hands

Clap hands indeed.

And what better way to celebrate this milestone, than with the conclusion of #VineWatch13?


Some thirty-six weeks ago, I walked up the Monte Bello slopes towards the vines of Camp Hill, a five-acre block of Cabernet Sauvignon that will celebrate forty years in the ground next year.

I walked up the slopes, and into the Camp Hill block, and I found my vine; a vine I’d last met in 2010.

I found my old friend, and I took a picture.


I then did pretty much the same thing for the next thirty-five weeks. And I watched the vine grow, then get pruned, then grow again. And I saw buds, clusters, and flowers emerge. And I saw the first little grapes debut, then I watched them grow, and grow, and grow, then turn red. And I watched them get sampled, then sampled again.

Finally, in week thirty-seven, the grapes were gone. Off to the winery, to become the 2013 Monte Bello. And our vine was alone with itself again.

Beautiful, beatific, divine, and done.

My friends and colleagues to the north became a part of this wonderful experience too; by week two, they were taking and sending a weekly picture of their own beautiful friend in the earth.

Their vine?


A one-hundred-and-ten-year-old zinfandel vine from the two-acre North Flat block, just beyond the Vineyard Terrace at our Lytton Springs Tasting Room.

A knight of the old world, a hero of the new.


And so, the question: Can miracles be annual?

The answer: Yes. Yes, they can.

Please enjoy this video tribute to the 2013 growing season:


To all who’ve helped me, supported me, read me, followed me, taught me, corrected me, inspired me, and moved me through the 1000 posts of “4488: A Ridge Blog,” I offer 1000 very deep bows.

Thank you.


quote above from “Clap Hands” by Tom Waits

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6 replies

  1. Deep respect, O scribe! Congratulations on your milestone and serious achievement
    If I may, I will add your name to a growing list of honourees at a private dinner I am hosting on Sunday.
    Entitled ‘In memoriam Osea Perrone’ I will be pouring 2001 Home Ranch & 2001 Monte Bello with the main course, preceded by 2007 Geyserville and 2007 Lytton Springs. The final course will be paired with the 2007 and 2003 Essences – if I can find a suitable desert!!

  2. A thousand hand claps in celebration & congratulations, and a thousand very deep bows to you, too, in appreciation!

  3. Congrats, Christopher.
    Here’s to hella more.

  4. Bravo Christopher! Bravo…keep on..”making it do what it do babehhh”!

  5. Let’s raise a glass (or two, or more) to the next 1,000 posts. Thanks for bringing us closer to the beauty and inspiration that you enjoy every day at Ridge.

  6. And thank you, Christopher, for educating, enlightening and entertaining us as we read these 1,000 posts!

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