#Harvest2013: Petite Sirah!

Extra! Extra! #Harvest2013! Brought to you today by “York Creek” and “Petite Sirah!”


I believe it is indeed safe to say that our Monte Bello offering occupies a relatively singular place in Californian viticultural history, and its reputation for longevity –and its attendant accrual of nuanced complexities made possible only by virtue of a rarefiedly focused and ever-deepening developmental trajectory– is borderline canonical.

Meaning, the Monte Bellos age, and they age well.

But, the TRUE die-hard Ridge-O-Phile knows a little secret; Monte Bello ain’t the only ager in the house.

And if you’re going to guess Geyserville or Lytton Springs, sure, they age out very well; often quite legendarily. But that ain’t what the Ridge-O-Philes are on about …

The REAL Ridge-O-Phile knows a that the REAL secret ager in the house is none other than Petite Sirah from York Creek.


#Harvest2013: Harvesting Petite Sirah from the York Creek vineyards

Don’t believe me? Go find a real-deal old-timer Ridge-O-Phile, and get a peek into their cellar. Sure, there’ll be some Monte Bello in there. But that’s to be expected, really.

And there will likely be some Geyserville and Lytton Springs as well; though maybe not as much. Temptation is a ….

But in that lovely lil’ low-lit back corner, between the shadows and below the webs, you’ll see some dates on some labels you won’t quite believe, and below those vintages will be the words “York Creek” and “Petite Sirah” …


Trust me, they’re there. The old-timers know …

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  1. The 1971 York Creek Petite Sirah is my all-time favorite wine from anywhere in the world. We drank a bottle of it last June & it si still incredible!

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