#Harvest2013: Harvesting Cabernet Sauvignon from Monte Bello!


That’s right, it’s true, we’ve been picking Cabernet Sauvignon from the Monte Bello Vineyards, can you believe it???

This has been a truly unbelievable harvest already, and it’s only the 10th day of September!


The Vineyard and Winery Teams have been full throttle every day, and I’ve had the privilege of spending a humbling, inspiring, and altogether extraordinary time “embedded” with them as they’ve worked ’round the clock bringing in and handling this precious fruit.

As I sincerely hope can be felt from the following footage, I am deeply in awe what these men and women do; from the vineyard to the winery, every stop of the process is a miracle of passion, a signifier of devotion, an embodiment of vision. I am in awe.

Please enjoy:


For more about our Monte Bello Vineyards, please click here.

And to stay up to date on this year’s harvest, please use #Harvest2013 with your favorite social media tools!

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