#VineWatch13: Week 34 -or- Anticipation!

Did you follow #VineWatch back in 2010? If so, you might like to know, that the 2010 Monte Bello has just been released! Click for more: 2010

And are you a Wine Club Member? If so, these vines below are carrying YOUR 2013 fruit!

ZListers, that’s YOUR 2013 Lytton Springs you’re looking at!

And Collector Members? That’s your 2013 Monte Bello!


Our beautiful #VineWatch vines are positively aquiver with anticipation, now that #Harvest2013 has officially begun!

When will it be me?


Cabernet Sauvignon, Monte Bello

When will it be me?


Zinfandel, Lytton Springs


Please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vines through the 2013 vintage!

We’re now thirty-four weeks in; for a quick look back, please enjoy the links below:

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  1. A fairly early start date to the harvest this year, isn’t it? Beautiful fruit though.

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