Oh, Hello There 1973 Zinfandels!


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Do you know what is cool about Ridge fans?

Their loyalty.

And their coolness.

And their generosity.

And do you know what was cool about 1973?

I’ll give you a hint, it was not Richard Nixon’s second inauguration.

And it was not, despite the coolness, the release of The Dark Side of the Moon.

What was actually cool about 1973 was Zinfandel.

Geyserville Zinfandel. And Lytton Springs Zinfandel.

It is often said in Zen that as the past affects the present, and the present affect the future, then both the past and the future are contained in the present; meaning, as Katagiri (by way of Dogen) put it, Every Moment Is The Universe.

In this case, you might say, every drop is the universe.

Every drop, that is, of the 1973 Geyserville and the 1973 Lytton Springs that waltzed into the Monte Bello Tasting Room today, escorted by two wonderful, wonderful Ridge fans!


I won’t out them yet, as I want to make sure to get their permission, but they know who they are, and we salute them.

They, are cool.

And to answer the obvious question, the wines both tasted lovely. Truly lovely. For me, I was particularly taken by the Geyserville. It was literally gorgeous. But we were a divided house. More than one of my colleagues rather esteemed the Lytton Springs.

All were happy. Very happy.

What a day, what a day …

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4 replies

  1. forty years gone by
    an unexpected pleasure
    makes it all worthwhile

  2. Lucky you – and lucky me! I have a bottle of 1974 Geyserville which I will share with my lovely wife on our then 40th wedding anniversary.

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