#VineWatch13: Week 31!

#VineWatch13 followers, I wanted to hip you up to something pretty groovy, in case you’ve not yet discovered it; we’ve got a fantastic feature on our website now — an interactive virtual vineyard flyover tour — that you can use to pretty much pinpoint exactly where our respective vines are located. You can find the flyover here.

It’s a really fascinating piece of work, this virtual tour; you can get a bird’s-eye view of all three of our estate properties, and in the process, learn about everything from soil types and vine ages, to clonal selections and altitudes, and more.

You can just let the whole experience run, or, you can fast forward through to specific portions you want to investigate in depth. Groovy indeed!

So, as regards our #VineWatch vines, check this out. Here is where our Monte Bello friend is located …


Camp Hill. That’s the block!

(Note: Should you opt to book a private by-appointment tasting with us at Monte Bello, and weather permitting, we can take you out to Camp Hill to see our vine! More on that here.)

And here is our Lytton Springs #VineWatch companion:


North Flat I, man. Beautiful.


Anyhow, let’s now get into Week 31:

So, truth be told, things are slowing down slightly; at least in Sonoma. Just hasn’t been that warm, and our trunky friend is basically just stone cold chillin’ in effect:


Beautiful, healthy, well-colored, but chillin’. Stone cold chillin’ in the spot…


Here at Monte Bello, we’ve actually been pretty warm, and we’re movin’ right along with color. Check it out:


And up close:


That said, obviously still a ways to go …

But then again, while I won’t name names, I WILL note that a lil’ viticultural birdie mentioned September 15th to me today when I asked for guesses as to when First Fruit could come off the mountain, so ya never know …

What do you think?


Please stay tuned as we follow our lovely vines through the 2013 vintage!

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