Do You Know The Way To Saison?

If not, just follow the two stars … Michelin Stars, that is!

What a restaurant, what a team, and what a treat to host them today!


And, what a roster of wines we tasted!


Check this out:

2011 Three Valleys (91 points, Wine Enthusiast)

2011 East Bench (92 points, Antonio Galloni)

2011 Geyserville (sold out!)

2006 Geyserville (very rare library offering, inquire directly to Monte Bello for details on availability)

2010 Merlot (90 points, Antonio Galloni)

1999 Monte Bello

1994 Monte Bello (very rare library offering, inquire directly to Monte Bello for details on availability)



And what do you serve a Two-Star Michelin-Rated Restaurant Team? Why, good ol’ Northern California Country Cookin’, of course! Fresh, local, delicious:



We are so blessed to be in Northern California, and so blessed to have Kathy Martinich and Ingrid Hagerstrom preparing such delicious fare.

And, we are so blessed to have restaurants like Saison in our orbit.

And cities like San Francisco. So blessed to have San Francisco.


A day of blessings, a day to be blessed, a day to bless, a day of wine, of food, of friendship, and affection.

And wine.


And speaking of the 1994 Monte Bello, SUCH a pleasure to taste this wine today! Over the course of many years worth of tasting, this is a wine that has definitely come in and out of focus, and its most recent showing had it as very much a funkier, more angular version of itself. That said, we tasted two bottles today, and not only did they show next-to-no bottle variation whatsoever, and they were both beautiful! Unquestionably the 9% petit verdot has finally “released,” as there is now a positively gorgeous florality on display; all pale blue leaves of lilac and lavender, and aromatics for days. Plus, the structure has softened considerably, and the architectural components have settled into a bed of fruit such that the contours are rounder, the fruit plusher, and the mouthfeel fleshier. All in all, a wine that is reached a developmental high point; I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll be seeing a great deal more of this very special wine in the very near future!

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